10 min vocal massage (training video)

Give your body a little luvvvv and release your voice with this #DIY Mind The Voice Vocal Massage!

In this video:

  • Shoulder muscles with your opposite hand (trapezius muscle)
  • Tapping pressure points on the chest: lung 1, kidney 27, thymus point
  • SCM muscles (= sternocleidomastoid muscles)
  • Neck muscles
  • Massage side of the legs (gallbladder meridian)
  • Jaw muscles (masseter muscles)
  • Tongue muscles
  • Voice box
  • Frontal sinuses, moving to the temples
  • Maxillary sinuses
  • Ethmoid & sphenoid sinuses

Here it is! Enjoyyyy!


Learn much more about vocal yoga, vocal stretch and vocal massage in our upcoming ULTIMATE SINGING PROGRAM (release fall 2021)

  • Fitness mat
  • Tennisball or triggerpoint ball