Last but certainly not least…

My dear Singing Gymmer,

I just want to wish you all the best in finding your inner and outer voice.

Mind The Voice is not just any vocal method, it’s a philosophy, a way of life. I want to send my positive vibes and high frequencies to you, all over the world.

Sing your heart out.

Dare to shine.

Release your inner GAGA.

Thanks for watching, I release my complete vocal mission in the fall of 2021, my Ultimate Mind The Voice Singing Program. I hope you will be there again, on this Channel. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this wonderful project:

  • My partner in crime: my husband Kris Van Roy, for his love and support. But a big shout out to him, because he’s the man who made it all happen: audio, video, lights, website, everything! (By the way, he is the founder and “father” of the Mind The Voice SOVT-Trainer!)
  • My second partner in crime: Charlotte Canoot. She’s a wonderful vocal coach in my team, but also one of my dearest friends. You find her on every video, because she danced along in the videos of Singing Gym! Thanks for being on my side, Chars!
  • My wonderful dancers: Lauren Van Buggenhout, Amine Boujouh, Mathias Mesmans.
  • Everyone who co-operated with the making of the videos: Stéphane Cremers, Axelle Leysen, Corry Pauwels.
  • My vocal coaching team members for brainstorming: Charlotte Canoot, Mona Van Bever, Phaedra Segers.
  • My other vocal coaches from my team: Laura Verschooten, Turiya Haudenhuyse, Marlies D’Olislager, Eline Hodeige.
  • My friends & family for all the support.
  • My wonderful students, you all rock this planet!
  • You, for watching! From now on, you are also my student! 😉

Singing Gymmers, hope to see you on my socials!

Amen to beltings!

Tiffany Veys