RESET exercises


Here we are again!

Before continuing with the exercises, first consider what your objective is for your vocal workout of today!

  • Do you need to restore your voice? Do you have a cold? Is your voice tired or hoarse? = PRERESET!
  • Do you want to activate your voice for intensive use? (For ex: speaking in front of a group, acting, singing?) = RESET!
  • Do you want to upgrade your voice to use vocal effects as a singer or an actor? = UPGRADE!

If you feel like resetting your voice, LET’S GET IT STARTED!

I made you a wonderful #DIY RESET vocal workout program with the SOVT-Trainer!

1. Start activating your breath support.

Breathe out “all air” in 1 time via the SOVT-Trainer WITHOUT SOUND on level 1. Feel how your belly goes in. Do this 3 times to activate your breath support. Feel the breath flow!

2. Choose an audio exercise

You can find the audio exercises on
The exercises are based on difficulty. Exercise 1 is the easiest exercise, exercise 12 the most difficult.

Note: the glissando exercises are the most important exercises to check whether you are not creating any forward or downward pressure on your voice box. If you are unable to sing them smoothly, you sing with too much throat tension, too little breath support and stability, or an incorrect sound

  • Audio 5: Make a downward glissando (fifths).
  • Audio 6: Make an upward and downward glissando (fifths). 
  • Audio 7: Make a downward glissando (octaves) . 
  • Audio 8: Make an upward and downward glissando (octaves).

3. Train “reset” with chubby cheeks.

This helps you to “open your throat” more easily and find button 3, space. The higher the level, the more you switch to “upgrade”.

4. Project in the shout zone

  • Activate your feet, back and neck.
  • More sound, less air.
  • You may sing through the trainer in your head voice.

Also check out or Singing Gym episode about the shout in our Singing Gym vocal course for free!

5. Start building up the levels to level 11.

Mind your voice and tend to your body. If you manage it for example ’till level 6 and not ’till level 10. That’s totally fine! Stay there until it feels to easy and then level it up!.

6. Convert singing through the SOVT-Trainer to “normal vocal exercises”.

After practicing with the SOVT-Trainer, you convert the exercise to a voice exercise without the SOVT-Trainer.

For instance:
– Use audio exercise 5, 6, 7, 8 with the SOVT-Trainer
– Use audio exercise 5, 6, 7, 8 with the shout: “WOW“, or “YAY“.

7. Sing songs through the SOVT-Trainer in head voice.

Keep in mind, there is no need to sing loudly with the SOVT-Trainer. Just keep it softly.

Good luck!