What is SOVT?

Before we start with the practical stuff of this vocal course, I want to inform you about the theoretical part!


The term “SOVT”, stands for Semi-Occluded Vocal Tract. SOVT exercises use the closure in the vocal tract at the level of the lips or the front part of the oral cavity. So other SOVT exercises are: straw phonation, lip trills, tongue trills, bubbling through a tube, resonance exercises. All these exercises each have their own advantages.

The SOVT-trainer is a vocal trainer based on STRAW PHONATION or phonation through a straw.


Here are the advantages of the SOVT-Trainer!

  • The SOVT-Trainer reduces hoarseness. So if your voice sounds raspy or breathy, it’s THE tool to use to make the sound of your voice clear again. It optimises your voice quality a lot, with as result that voice production will require less effort.
  • The SOVT-Trainer reduces throat tension. Because of the 15 levels, you can train your voice box in the different singing positions (low, neutral, up). This gives a big improvement of the speaking AND singing voice. Every sound, whether it’s a speech, a twang, a belting, a head voice, will improve. That’s why we call it a magical tube, and yes, without exaggerating…
  • It improves your breath control, breath support and breath flow. In fact 3 different breath characteristics. Because of that, it stimulates an economic voice use (making sound requires less effort). It activates the natural breathing support, the breath flow, but also the interaction between oral pressure and lung pressure. This results in a wonderful good balance between your voice production and air consumption!
  • The SOVT-Trainer can be used to train high notes, head voices and vocal effects. The highest levels of the trainer stimulate the narrowing of the vocal tract, what we call the twang!

If you wanna hear this once again, repeated in a little video, check it out!

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Do you want to know more about the advantages of our trainer?

Haha, Ik like to repeat it once again for the voice geeks, ’cause I’m a voice geek as well 😉

Scientific research has shown that making straw phonation or sound through narrow tubes or straws promotes voice quality because the vocal fold vibration becomes more efficient:

  • The narrower the diameter of the tube, the more the self-oscillation effect of the vocal cords is activated. The SOVT-Trainer consists of holes of 2mm diameter. The SOVT-Trainer PRO (not yet worldwide released) of a hole of 2mm and 1,2 mm. (#omg!! So if you want to challenge yourself to the highest level, you now the place to be. I use the 1,2 mm to stretch your vocal range even more) Now, if you train on the higher levels of the SOVT-Trainer (level 6 and more), you will notice that you optimise your twang setting a lot, ‘causing a great setting of your voice box, releasing pressure on the throat.
  • The subglottal pressure created by singing and/or speaking through a narrow tube stimulates an economic use of voice, this means more acoustic output and less laryngeal input. (Laukkanen, Lindholm, Vilkman, Haataja & Alku, 1996).
  • Singing through a tube provides an increased interaction between resonance and phonation, optimizing breath control and breath support. (Titze & Verdolini, 2012)
  • The cooperation between good stability, breath support, phonation and resonance creates a radiophonic voice, so a voice that sounds clear, projected, warm, full and resonant. (Veys, Wollants, 2015).

Now, I think we need to have a look at the practical side of the SOVT-Trainer, so what are you waiting for! Click on the button below to open the next lesson!