Singing Gym is worldwide the first vocal exercising program with vocal exercises in which mind and body anchors are incorporated to stimulate the voice in the right direction. Every Singing Gym workout sounds like a “normal song” but has its own purpose and vocal strategy to train all elements of the vocal sound you aim for.

Singing Gym is developed for both beginners and more advanced vocalists to train their daily vocal exercises, over and over again, in the right order, with as main goal: resetting the muscle memory of your voice, body & mind.

Where online vocal courses are usually dangerous to perform, as you can often train “wrong”, Singing Gym makes the difference by combining vocal coaching with personal training, divided into the right time to practice (restore, reset, upgrade exercises), and exercises performed in the right order to get results.

In this way this online vocal course is a very safe, fast and also correct way to train your vocal muscle memory.


No less than 11 Singing Gym workouts with the best exercises to get the best out of your voice, body and mind!

Singing Gym is a vocal exercising program for beginners to more advanced vocal performers to restore, reset and upgrade your voice. All exercises are created in both male and female version.

It’s renewing because of the movement that is integrated in the singing exercises. By controlling the mindset and the movement you will automatically free the voice.


The mind affects the body and they both affects the voice.

So if you want to have full vocal control, you will need to nourish your instrument: your body. Singing Gym connects, mind, body and voice by integrating movement and personal training exercises in singing exercises. The exercises are built from easy to advanced, so you can build up the level on your speed.

So say bye bye to vocal strain and vocal stress and start today to train your voice as a true vocal athlete!


Tiffany Veys, founder, holistic vocal coach & artist coach of Belgium’s leading Institute for vocal performers created a crazy “American” alterego to motivate you in this funny vocal exercising program.

She’s Belgium’s top motivational & empowering vocal coach and works with the top Belgian artists.

She’s also cocreator of the Mind The Voice SOVT-Trainer and artist coach & management Director of Wolf44 media. She’s author of 2 Dutch books about singing and the voice.


11 Singing Gym “workouts” all sorted by the vocal sound you want!

The workouts include an original song, various vocal exercises built up in difficulty and are split up in a male and female version. In the vocal course you will see that it is also built up from restoring exercises (vocal massage,…) to activating exercises (warm-ups), to upgrading exercises (advanced exercises).

Singing Gym sounds like a Vocal Workout Radiostation! How fun it is now to do your daily vocal training!



Discover the Mind The Voice SOVT-Trainer, a brand new voice training instrument to restore, warm up and optimize your speaking or singing voice. It offers you a full vocal workout: The key to a healthy, successful voice.


Singing Gym

Happy to meet you here again! I'm Tiffany, your vocal coach and personal trainer in one, and I'm ready to kick off, 'cause I have 11 awesome vocal video workouts for you, to train your voice in different popsounds & techniques.





Holistic vocal coach, artist coach & founder of Mind The Voice, Belgium’s leading institute for Vocal Performers. But above all, a soul that remains fascinated by the human being behind the voice. Determined to share positivity with the world through music and the artists that she coaches.

Tiffany Veys is holistic vocal coach, artist coach & founder of Mind The Voice, Belgium’s leading institute for vocal performers and has more than 20,000 hours of individual coaching experience. She inspires and coaches A-artists, professional singers and artists with the core topic: the connection between voice, body & mind.

She’s founder of the Mind The Voice-method, co-developer of the Mind The Voice SOVT-Trainer, and author of the (dutch) books ‘ Zo leer je zingen!‘ and ‘De Stembijbel‘.

Tiffany Veys is known for her holistic overview of the voice and for her “vocal magic”. A session with her makes all the difference.
Motivational & empowering coaching for artists, specialized in optimizing the speaking and singing voice with a focus on mind, body, soul and voice.

With Mind The Voice she gives a completely new interpretation to the concept of “vocal coaching” and offers a total package like no other in which she upgrades vocal performers to perform high performances. Professional singing is top sport.

Vocal coaching sessions with her are completely customized and are so much more than the regular voice and singing exercises or voice massages.

Specializations: voice analysis, voice upgrading, voice therapy, voice massage, craniosacral therapy, heart coherence, yoga, kinesiotaping, breathing therapy, relaxation therapy, meditation (autogenic training, mindfulness, …), bodywork, pressure point massage/acupressure, trigger point massage, reiki, …

Tiffany’s coaching works and delivers top results.

Together with her husband Kris Van Roy she leads the Mind The Voice institute consisting of vocal coaches, speech therapists, producers, songwriters & paramedical team, to get the best out of everyone’s voice.




Singing was always my passion, but doing vocal exercises wasn’t really my thing.

I wanted to sing songs and feel the music.

And that’s why I developed Singing Gym!

The very first vocal exercising program sounding like “normal songs” in which mind and body anchors are incorporated to stimulate your voice in the right direction.